For Professionals

Are you an Architect, Designer or a Real Estate Agent? If YES - Talk to us, we want you to become our business partner!

For Professionals

One of our key strategy points revolves around building strong relationships with architects and professionals in order to provide them with an outstanding set of services and products. We believe that our worldwide renowned portfolio of brands and our capabilities will provide a valuable resource to different types of clients and will become a reference point for architecture studios, real-estate agencies and property developers. Contact us today to have a better understanding of what the advantages are in partnering with Fino.


Our experts are ready to offer you the best advice in planning and delivering projects. We will not only help you deal with different suppliers, but also offer the best advice with regards to market price and value of your clients investment.

Contractual Products 

We currently operate with a portfolio of over 35 worldwide renowned brands. Our products range from all elements of the household that can decorate kitchen areas, bedrooms, dining and living areas to office solutions.


Forget about dealing with suppliers on your own... We will take care of this aspect for you. We will source the right suppliers and provide you with the best market price for your request. By choosing Fino you will also choose the best network to facilitate and accomplish your professional goals.

Delivery and After-Sales Service

We will professionally deliver everything at your door-step. Furthermore, we guarantee an excellent after-sales service. Our team is always available to assist not only new clients but also loyal customers that need assistance with their purchased products.