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Paintball Saturday Fun Paintball Saturday Fun

Paintball Saturday Fun

Whether it’s the weekend or just an ordinary day at work, you should always integrate moments designed to get to know your colleagues and communicate with them not just on a professional level, but also on a personal one. We decided to try something new this time...a Paintball match to boost our energy and help up us keep up with a healthy lifestyle!

Fino Friday Mass
Blog Fino Friday Mass

As part of the Easter preparation the fino employees organized mass last Friday

2 weeks ago
Paintball Saturday Fun
Blog Paintball Saturday Fun

Nowadays everyone craves the work-life balance, making events and team-building activities an important criteria for both employees as well as employers worldwide in enhancing their company culture and values.

1 month ago
Embracing modern office concepts
Blog Embracing modern office concepts

When designing an office layout, there are many things to be taken into consideration. The wellbeing of the employees that will make use of that space is probably the most important aspect that the Projects Division at Fino focuses on.

Alexandra Socol - 6 months ago
Fino Projects and International Markets
Blog Fino Projects and International Markets

From project management capabilities to professional fit-outs, the Projects Division at C.Fino+Sons Ltd completed contracts to the highest quality standards, becoming an asset to the architects and designers assigned for both projects.

7 months ago
Working together with Architects and Designers
Blog Working together with Architects and Designers

Fino Projects, the company`s commercial division, manages to evaluate both style and functionality in bringing a unique package of services to the continuously growing construction and property market in Malta.

Alexandra Socol - 8 months ago
Malta's Property Boom Issue
Blog Malta's Property Boom Issue

Fino proudly brings to the market its new Projects Division. Another testimony of Fino`s ability to thrive through the test of time, successfully adapting to Malta`s recent property boom issues and overcoming the transition to the digital World.

Alexandra Socol - 8 months ago
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