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Basically Show: Maltese Bread Basically Show: Maltese Bread
17 August 2020

Basically Show: Maltese Bread

The Fino kitchen showroom welcomes once again the hilarious Matthew Baldacchino in the third instalment of Lovin Malta’s cooking series Basically. In this episode, we watch as Matthew delves bravely into the beating heart of Maltese tradition to take on the delicious and iconic Maltese loaf of bread, aka hobz tal-Malti. Not a task to be taken lightly, this baked good is a favourite to thousands of locals and foreigners and as such people have pretty high standards. So no pressure Matthew.

Check out the video and let us know what you think of Matthew’s bread-making skills. If you haven’t seen Episode 2 yet, be sure to take a look!

Keep an eye on this space for more hilarious cooking videos!

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