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Notification from C. Fino & Sons Ltd. Notification from C. Fino & Sons Ltd.
14 October 2021

Notification from C. Fino & Sons Ltd.

Since Fino was founded in 1935, we have worked hard to establish the solid standing we enjoy today as one of the most trusted and reputable furniture houses in Malta.

We do not measure our success through sales, but through the relationship we have developed and nurtured from father to son, mother to daughter, and subsequent generations.

Our treasured clientele trusts us because of our commitment to quality, dependability and reliability. And because we have always been there when they needed a valued partner to turn their house into a home. We are literally part of the furniture.

While we respect all other outlets in our line of business, we wish to clarify that there is only one original C. Fino & Sons Ltd. Our brand does not have any spin-offs and is not associated with any other furniture stores.

We also wish to make clear to our clientele and the broader public that C. Fino & Sons Ltd has not issued any Bonds and is not in any way connected with any recent Bond issues.

We do remain, however, very much connected with the quality furniture business and look forward to welcoming you the next time you walk into our outlet in Mriehel/Central Business District.

Thank you.

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