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For the very first time, Pierre Paulin's 1971 design for seating for the private apartments of Claude & Georges Pompidou at the Elysée Palace is being put into large-scale production. Pumpkin is characteristic of Paulin's revolutionary style, as initiated at the end of the 1950's, and as its name suggests is evocative of a giant pumpkin, welcoming the user with its protectively voluptuous - and voluptuously protective - shell. Resisting its appeal is an impossibility!


Construction: Base and mid-section in polyether foam 30 kg/m3 - 3,0 kPa, resting on a thermoformed ABS base.
Comfort: Seat and bucket-style enveloping back in moulded polyurethane foam 35 kg/m3 - 3.2 kPa with a 'comfort' layer in the same foam.
Making-Up: Covers may be removed by a professional. Cover quilted with 100 g/m2 polyester on the seat/back, and polyether foam on the exterior of the mid-section.
Covers: A monocolour model, which may be made up in either fabric or hide. Coloured wools chime perfectly with the spirit of Pumpkin.
Dimensions. Armchair: H 700 mm x W 1050 mm x D 830 mm x SH 370 mm; small settee: H 700 mm x W 1780 mm x D 830 mm x SH 370 mm.

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