Endless possibilities

Stepsystem is a wood-panelled section designed to act as link between the base and wall units, completing the kitchen and making the maximum use of space that is generally unused, and puts all the various utensils and accessories at the fingertips of the user.

Stepsystem is the ideal solution to the storage of all those utensils and other items that are used every day in the kitchen. It comprises vertical elements and rails in aluminium in a steel or burnished finish, with rear panels and shelves in the finishes in the Veneta Cucine range. Accessories such as a kitchen towel dispenser or a shelf for jars or glasses can be added as preferred. The aluminium rail serves as a retaining bar and, if fitted beneath the shelf, can be used to hang ladles and other utensils.

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Veneta Cucine

Veneta Cucine is a family business with a 40-year long history.

The founder is a prime example of a designer with entrepreneurial flair and to this day he is the charismatic head of the business.

Through the years, the business transformed itself from a local enterprise to one of international standards and its business model has evolved from an entrepreneurial to a managerial one: the founder's children, as well as a team of managers, now work alongside him, each with their own specific roles and portfolios.

The group employs 500 staff in its 90.000 square meters of covered industrial space that is divided between the production/managerial complex in Biancade (Treviso) and the woodworking factory in Codissago - Longarone (Belluno). Its employees design, produce, administer and distribute 10 systems, 40 models based on 7 different frames, generating 300 options of varying colours and materials. These offer endless possibilities for customisation, so that each year as many as 60.000 kitchens enter the market.

In 2008 the HOMAG production line was introduced. It is completely automated and can produce 4 types of complete and packaged kitchen components: counter tops, shelves, kitchen counters and doors.