DV545 Seul

Available in different dimensions; they complete and enrich the range of items dedicated to archiving. Their practical functionality and universal style allow the creation of modern and versatile environments, dedicated to essentiality and technicality. The key elements are the quality, the clean lines of bodies and doors, that are equipped with an efficient and sophisticated "soft-opening and closing" rail system.

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A reality that opens to imagination

When meeting with our potential customers, we take pride in our ability to listen their stated requirements, and interpreting their needs in a way that will enable taste and tempo. The ability to understand different cultures, industry regulations, and work space requirements and thus offer aimed solutions, comes from the dialogue we have had throughout with the world encompassing many different languages, ethnicities and people. All our collections have common constructional qualities, functionality and design, practical, and always very personal. Because for us, the customer’s style is unique.