Moon collection decorates and animates your spaces.

The long and tapered back of the armchairs and sofas remind the shape of a half moon. And the collection Moon was really born in this way, that is, “looking at the moon”. The collection that Cristian Visentin designed for us was inspired by a real and concrete vision. And thanks to this reference to the moon and the nature. The elegant and woven backs of the seats, produce a sense of lightness from every woven rope. The frames made in natural teak gives a sense of strength and resistance instead. Moon is a collection that knows to have the strength to speak more languages: furniture designed for the outdoor, but that reminds you of the typical colors of the indoor. Because every space of the house has to be lived at the most. Features : All the items have a natural teak frame. Sofa and armrests are made of tubular aluminum coated by an interlacement of grey synthetic fabric ropes. Cushions in grey fabric, with removable covers, easy to wash and weather resistant. Quick dry foam padding. Dining and coffee tables in natural teak frame, top in grey hpl. Sunbed with black textile seat, stack-able, stainless steel wheels and racks.

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Tradition, creativity and innovative spirit are the lifeblood of the Talenti team. 

A perfect combination of craftsmanship and industry are a primary reference of our quality. The elegance of form, the inlaid precious and difficult to imitate, and the courtesy of the artists assemblers of manufactured talent, are a guarantee of originality and sophistication in every detail visible. The primary objective is to propose Talents through shapes, colors, materials, a new style of outdoor living. The character tables of Talenti and the balance of harmonies, are the experiment and the challenge of modern dreamers. In respect of nature and in constant search of beauty, talent wants to be the novelty that was missing in the market.