Quality & Service

Quality and Service

Giving You What You Deserve

Buying a new kitchen may seem like a daunting task for some customers, but here at Fino we have made the process extremely easy for you. After all, we have been selling kitchens since 1935 and therefore we can safely say that we know all there is to know about this very important asset in your home. Whether you are in the market for a € 3,000 or € 30,000 kitchen, our expert Design Consultants will create a dream kitchen for you that is commensurate with your taste, budget, lifestyle and most importantly the way that you use the kitchen. 

Fino Step 1 - Home Survey

You may or may not have brought your kitchen space measurements with you when you came to see us. It does not matter as our service also includes sending a Kitchens Design Consultant to your home to get the look-and-feel of the space available.  He or she will measure your room for and discuss certain ambient aspects with you prior for him or her to start designing your dream kitchen for you, and do not worry; a home survey visit does not mean that you will be pressured in any way to make a purchase. You are under no obligation to buy.

Fino Step 2 - Smart Design

Our Fino Kitchen Design Consultants are experts in their trade – They know kitchens! This means that they are able to give you the best advice on the latest kitchen trends, technologies and design possibilities.  They will provide you with the best design that enhances efficiency when using the kitchen, whether this is used for food preparation, eating or entertaining. Using state-of-the-art computer generated imagery, you will be able to see top notch rendered drawings of how your kitchen will actually look like when it is delivered and installed in your home.  You will also be furnished with electrical and plumbing plans for your electrician / plumber to work on, prior to our Fino Veneta Cucine trained and approved installers coming to your home to fit in your kitchen.

Fino Step 3 - Personalisation

No two single Veneta Cucine kitchens from Fino are ever the same – even when people choose the same model! Not only will dimensions and layouts be different from one kitchen to another, but our Fino Kitchen Design Consultants will ensure that your kitchen is literally created just for you. Just like yourself, a Veneta Cucine kitchen is unique and it is a reflection of who you are.  The layout options available for us to design your kitchen are limitless and this besides the fact you will be spoilt for choice regarding worktops, appliances, storage systems, lighting, accessories, labour saving innovations and even the Veneta Cucine patented anti-bacterial surface treatments.

Fino Step 4 - Made to Order

Once your order and design is sent from Veneta Cucine to one of their mega state-of-the-art manufacturing plants in Treviso Italy, your kitchen will be created for the design to the actual thing that will eventually be installed in your home.  You are not just an order number with Veneta Cucine, they will know you by your name.  

Fino Step 5 - Delivery and Installation

Commensurate with your agreed delivery and installation dates, your kitchen will arrive at your doorstep neatly packed as to ensure its protection during transit to you. Our installers are all highly skilled and will ensure that your kitchen is fitted in as per the high standards you would expect from us.  The ethos of our installers is that they treat every kitchen they install as though they are installing it in their very own homes. Not less that this will do for us and for you. Unlike most companies in Malta, our installation includes an ‘old-to-new’ complete fit. This means that if need be we will also remove your old kitchen and take care of all utilities requirements, including gas distribution, electrical wiring and plumbing installations for you prior to fitting in your new Veneta Cucine kitchen from Fino.  Our installers will ensure that they work as diligently and as tidy as possible in your home.

Fino Step 6 - Home Check

The Fino After-Sales Inspector will visit you after your kitchen has been installed in order to check that you are completely satisfied with your purchase and your kitchen 5-year guarantee is then posted to you.

Fino Step 7 - Care Plan

Care Plan represents the best in After-Sales care. This is purposely designed to help you maintain your kitchen to its optimum pristine state. Every year, Fino Specialists will visit you so as effect a thorough examination of your kitchen from top to bottom and taking corrective action where needed. All you would need to do is get in touch with us to make an appointment by phone on 25493000, or via email on info@fino.com.mt.